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Trevor has led the development of FITS since it's early beginnings in the NGA - BECTA. Now he is pleased to continue to help a growing membership of school leaders and technical staff from around the world.

Trevor Greenfield

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Your Questions Answered

What is FITS?

FITS stands for Framework for ICT Technical Support and is based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

It is a service management framework developed specifically for the Education sector.

It was initially developed by BECTA an NGA that was closed down by the UK Government in 2010.

What is the background to FITS?

FITS is derived from the collective experiences of ICT technical support providers all over the UK. 
It represents their learning curve over the last 20 years and this has been distilled into a set of common processes applicable to any establishment using ICT.
We have applied them to schools, and designed FITS to enable you to by-pass all the mistakes commonly made and implement them successfully from the start.

What are the benefits of FITS?

There are many benefits of FITS.  Here are just a few;

  1. It gives you the benefit of hindsight over the last 20-plus years of the development of ICT technical support techniques
  2. It contains tried and tested processes that have been adapted with the school environment in mind
  3. It provides simplified and ready to use processes that can be used immediately
  4. It contains templates, checklists and downloads that can be used as they are or personalised

How easy is FITS to implement?

In our experience ICT technical support departments have little free time to spend on implementing processes and procedures because day-to-day activities are unpredictable and must take priority. 

Our aim is to help you begin to remove some of the unpredictability by introducing best practice processes in small steps and so begin to realise the benefits as quickly as possible with the minimum impact on your normal activities.

Is there a quick start guide?

Getting started is quick and easy if you follow our getting started processes.

We recommend that you read the full overview of FITS, Approach to implementing FITS and Implementation of FITS first but if you want to go straight to the process guides there are links provided for you.

Does FITS provide a positive ROI?

Yes, indeed it does. Many of our users have reported positive returns on their ICT investment.

In a survey that we carried out to analyse the number of reported incidents we found that over 2/3rds of incidents reported were recurring.

Eliminating recurring incidents alone has saved considerable technician time allowing schools to maintain their systems without increasing staffing levels.

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