Do you know how much your ICT provision costs? FITS financial management can help you get a handle on it.


The aim of this section is to introduce the topic of financial management and to help you implement the process in your school with a minimum of preparation and training.


The objectives of this section are to enable you to:

understand the concept and benefits of financial management
understand what is involved in the process of financial management
understand the roles and responsibilities in financial management
implement a basic financial management process in your school
continue to operate this financial management process
identify useful measurements to gain benefit from the financial management process you have implemented
review your implementation and summarise your progress.


The topic is arranged in the following sections. Click the heading to go to each section for more details:

An introduction to the financial management process including the roles and responsibilities involved.

Implementation guide
A guide to implementing the financial management process, with plans and tools.

Operations guide
A guide to the ongoing operation of the financial management process with examples.

Roles and responsibilities
Information on all roles and responsibilities for this process in one area.

A summary of the process and what you should have achieved, plus a checklist to help you identify whether you need to revisit any of the materials.

All the examples and templates you will need for this process.

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