When planning to implement processes, you will need to consider the role requirements and the resources available to you.

In FITS we have kept each process separate so that you can apply each one in the way that is most suitable for each individual school. Practical suggestions for assigning roles are explored in each process section separately. There are likely to be more roles than there are people, which will mean that some roles must be combined for one person to carry out. Some roles can be combined easily, whereas others may present conflicts of interest and should be avoided.

As a rule of thumb, the roles in FITS can be defined as three types: managerial, technical and administrative. You may find it helpful to examine the roles and responsibilities section of each process before you start implementing any them. This will help you to decide in advance on the allocation of all roles and responsibilities and start with a structured team.

Your resources may include:

  • Technical support staff
  • ICT teaching staff
  • Other teaching staff
  • School administrative staff
  • Other school staff
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Technical staff from other schools

It is important to consider the available resources carefully to ensure best fit of people skills with process roles and their requirements. When assigning roles to individuals, consider similarities to other existing responsibilities and individual aptitudes and try to accommodate these.

Remember too that technical jobs are not just technical. There is an element of administration that is essential – updating records, procedures and diagrams, providing reports and updating fault logs, solutions and knowledge bases. These are vital aspects of all roles and should not be neglected.

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